Friday, 18 April 2014

Review: Wayne Goss Brush No.2

Review: Wayne Goss Brush No.2
Late last year, the beauty world was all a-buzz with word that the wonderful Wayne (GossMakeupArtist) was launching his very own range of makeup brushes. As a long-time fan of Wayne's YouTube videos it's clear he really knows his stuff, but that also that he has a special place in his heart when it comes to makeup brushes - so you knew they'd be fabulous!

His range of brushes are certainly pricier than say the likes of Pixiwoo's Real Techniques brushes (which I love), but with good reason as each brush is handmade. While I'd love to gather the entire collection, for now I opted for a single purchase I knew I'd get a lot of use from - the no 2 brush (£25).

I've included a comparison with the Real Techniques Contour brush to give an idea of the size. Clearly both are composed of different hairs (squirrel hair vs synthetic taklon) and handles. But the Wayne Goss brush is also incredibly soft, and not as dense as the Real Techniques brush, with a slightly pointed tip.
Wayne Goss Brush No.2 Vs Real Techniques Contour Brush
You can see me use on camera for the first time here, but suffice to say I absolutely adore it! It's made way into my everyday makeup in such a way that I don't know how I managed without it before. It's the perfect size to use for contour, bronzer, blush, powder, and highlight and feels like angels dancing on my face! Zero regrets about this purchase, and I look forward to getting them allWayne has also put together instructional videos for each brush use which is great. 

Have you tried anything from the Wayne Goss collection yet? 
Any recommendations for my next purchase? The new face set looks divine! 

Buy here for UK (+ 'rest of world') delivery, and here for USA. 


  1. Wayne Goss is one of my absolute favourite Youtubers! I'm not surprised his brushes are amazing. That man certainly knows his beauty shizzz! Would love to add a few to my collection too! :)


    1. It's so lovely! Would love to get a few of them because I use it so much!

  2. Sounds like a winner! Brushes do make all the difference x

    1. Absolutely! Feels very artistic to use! <3


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