Thursday, 25 October 2012

5 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas For 2012

So it appears it's that time of year again and Halloween makeup tutorials have been popping up all sides for a number of weeks now! Personally I am undecided as to whether I'll actually be 'doing' the Halloween thing, but I absolutely love watching the makeup tutorials - go figure! In any event I thought I would share some love by sharing with you all my favourite Halloween makeup looks of this year so far! 

There literally are so many amazing Halloween makeup tutorials but I chose the ones which I thought were the most unique and creative, and the looks which I personally would love to recreate! Of course if I mentioned all of the ones I loved you'd be here all day, so I decided to narrow it down to the top 5 which stood out to me the most!

*If you click on the name of each look it will bring you to the tutorial!*

In no particular order....
I'm sure most of you are very familiar with YouTube sensation Promise. She is the ultimate guru when it comes to transformations. Yet again she has delivered with a great makeup look and a really fun idea for Halloween. I love the skill and the detail. That and the fact that you could pretty much do whatever you want with the rest of your makeup and wear whatever you want!
I love this demented mermaid makeup look by Irish blogger Sara. Beautiful colour combinations and a great example of scary-pretty Halloween makeup! 
I found it hard to choose just one look from Siobhán, she has some fabulously gory looks, but this just has to be the most original Halloween makeup look I've ever seen, EVER. A longtime fan of Siobhán, she has outdone herself once again! Just amazing! 
This crow look is of course quite reminiscent of the Black Swan makeup look, which was of course all the rage in recent years. Quite a quirky look and definitely one that you could make even darker with some black contact lenses. It's quite a fantastical look which I really enjoy. Plenty of other looks from MissChievous, but this is my personal pick this year.

Although not a specific Halloween tutorial, I absolutely love this Hunger Games inspired makeup! The perfect excuse to experiment with a high-fashionesque makeup look and in my opinion ideal for Halloween! Just phenomenal. Been loving Nikkie more and more these days, a joy to watch!

So, those are my favourite Halloween looks of this year! A nice mix of gory, technical, creative, and gorgeousness! The talented people available to us knows no end and whatever look you want to do you're sure to find it on the good old interweb. 

Are you a Halloween fan? What is your costume inspiration this year? What are your favourite looks (featured or otherwise)??

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  1. OMG! Everyone scaried me, these gals are genius! The snakes... bbbbrrrrrr!!!
    Like your blog babe so I'm your 288 follower <3 If you like mine too I'm waiting for you!



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